Thursday, January 19, 2012

Strange Sounds over Rapid City

At roughly 3pm on january 1st, 2012, my dog, milo began acting nervous and hiding under the table. Shortly afterward I heard a low rumbling sound, which I initially took to be an airplane until it didn't stop or fade out. I started listening to it, and thought that maybe it was my neighbors car stereo, but I could see that there was no one in their car, ad the more I listened the more obvious it became that it was not music. I went outside for a minute, and it was louder outside. I filmed the sound from inside my house because it is was 10 degrees F outside, and subzero with the wind chill. Also, quite frankly, I was scared out of my mind. You can hear the sound quite plainly, and it continued for what felt like about five minutes after I stopped recording.

I do live appx 20 miles from ellsworth AFB, where the testing of the B2 stealth bomber was mistaken for UFO's back when they were top secret, and I wonder if this is the same sort of thing happening? I do not know, but this experience has shaken me.


  1. We didn't hear anything at our house and we don't live very far from you. That is so wierd! Text next time and see if we can hear it too. -Ana

  2. I don't know what it was, but it sounded like it was coming from all around... and it just sort of "felt" like it was coming from above the houses, rather than from the valley below.

  3. They are testing drone aircraft
    -Big Mike