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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Art Dump Sunday.

This big bad map is what has sucked up a majority of my art time for the last couple weeks. Its a map for my pending Dungeons & Dragons / Pathfinder campaign. I had the players draw in the shapes of the continents on the whiteboard, take turns adding forests, mountains, cities etc. The goal is that the world is more personalized and thus the players, through their characters, feel more attached to it. Its a sort of toned down version of what the DM for the campaign I play in did as he started his game. 
 This isn't even its final draft. I've already made some major changes to it, most notably the font for the nation names- They looked nice up close, but once you zoom out they are unreadable. The ones I have now are better, but still lack something. I also need to name the oceans and seas, and add some more little details here ant there. A legend and compass rose will be needed too. And a scale. Damn... 
With this map I've taken a completely new approach to my cartography, and its been a learning experience, but certainly one that has produced some nice results. 

Now on to the rest of the art dump. The whole idea behind this series is to create a large volume of  low quality work, continuously throughout the year. Basically, its the American Dream- only nobody is going to see me owning a split level and a new oldsmobile as a result of this. At some point in the year I'll be having stickers made, and when I do I'll give them away to anyone who sends me a SASE. 
This is sort of the "flagship" design for the entire series. You'll be seeing the Diabolic Smile(tm) and the Scuuurvy Skull (tm) frequently throughout the series.

You may recognize that explosion-burst outline from "Surge!" soda. Boy, I miss that stuff. To anyone familiar with my catalog of art, you may recognize that this is a rework of an older design. 

I got DMCA'd for this baby, I shit you not. 

Thats it for this week.  Hopefully I'll have seven more of these for you next week, as well as some sort of new traditional media. Keep your cats on the ice.

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