Saturday, June 21, 2014

Oh yeah, I have a blog. Sometimes I forget about that.

Good night at work. I worked very hard, and I feel I did my job well. Its satisfying, that tired feeling after a day's work well done. Without going into too much detail, I realize that by doing my job well, as opposed to just doing the bare minimum that I *have* to do, I brought in (roughly) enough extra revenue to cover my own paycheck. That is a good feeling... knowing that I'm valuable, knowing that I'm not just an ass in a seat or a warm body on a line. And its nice knowing I work for people who see that and who tell me I'm valuable. This is a tooting of my own horn, no denial. I need to sometimes, or else my crippling self doubt and low self esteem take over, so please... allow me this.

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